PVSC, which was founded primarily as a show club in 1966, holds two conformation “specialty” shows annually which draw exhibitors from all around the United States. Throughout the year we have general membership meetings which give members the opportunity to discuss pertinent issues and take part in planned programs such as presentations by veterinarians, handling demonstrations, etc. We also participate in dog-related activities where visitors can meet our Samoyeds and get answers to their questions from dedicated dog owners. The many hikes and strolls we take in the Nation’s Capital and its surrounding countryside are especially fun.  And many of our members engage in AKC-sanctioned “working dog” events such as dog-sledding, sheep-herding, lure-coursing, barn-hunts and “dryland dog racing” (i.e. dogscootering, carting and bikejoring).

You and your dog can benefit as well from the guidance of members who, for decades, have sought the best veterinary care, nutrition and training for our Samoyeds. PVSC members encompass a wide range of experience and knowledge. Some members have been in the club for decades, have served as leaders in the Samoyed Club of America, and have judged conformation shows and performance competitions such as obedience. Some have bred or owned Samoyeds who competed at Westminster and Crufts and who have become champions in the U.S. and overseas. Some owners have put advanced obedience titles on their dogs; others have competed in agility, herding, rally, tracking, weight pull, and sledding. Along with our seasoned veterans, we also have first-time Samoyed owners who are learning to handle their dogs in the show ring.

The club includes members who breed Samoyeds and may have puppies available (see the “Puppies” section) or can refer you to other responsible breeders in the U.S. and abroad. Because we take very seriously the need for responsible breeding, all prospective members (whether or not intending to breed Samoyeds) are required to agree to sign and abide by the PVSC Breeders Code.

Many of our members have Samoyeds who are not “show dogs” and are simply beloved members of the family.  Some of our most active members have adopted older “rescue” Samoyeds who were in need of a new home.  There are PVSC members who focus on the breed’s athletic prowess and have experience in sledding, weight-pull, agility, herding, tracking, dogscootering and bikejoring.  PVSC Samoyeds have excelled as therapy dogs, bringing the radiant Samoyed smiles and loving personalities to area hospitals, nursing homes and schools.  We also have a burgeoning group effort that is collecting Samoyed hair and contracting with woolen mills to have it spun into yarn.  The PVSC FiberArts group then transforms the yarn into gorgeous scarves, hats, gloves and sweaters that rival the most luxurious Angora rabbit and Alpaca products.  

For all Samoyed fanciers and their dogs, the Potomac Valley Samoyed Club can be an enriching association and resource.  Persons aged 18 years or older are eligible for Individual ($20) or Family memberships ($25).  Non-voting Junior membership ($6) is available to young people ages 10-18 years.  Persons outside of the PVSC geographical area (Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland) are welcome to become Associate Members ($20) which includes certain privileges (such as discounts) and opportunities (to serve on committees) but excludes the ability to vote on club business, serve on the board of directors or as a club officer.  Membership requires attendance at two PVSC events, affirmative vote of the membership and agreeing to adhere to the constitution and bylaws of the Potomac Valley Samoyed Club, American Kennel Club and the Samoyed Club of America. 

Please contact our Information Officer, Janice Lynch, if you are interested in joining. 

We welcome your interest in becoming part of our Samoyed community and hope that we will meet you and your dog(s) soon.

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U.S. Senate Tribute to Samoyeds
Congressional Record
[ c l i c k ]http://www.gpo.gov:80/fdsys/pkg/CREC-2005-09-22/pdf/CREC-2005-09-22-pt1-PgS10370-3.pdf#page=1

The Potomac Valley Samoyed Club welcomes everyone who has an interest in the Samoyed breed. Whether you currently have a Samoyed or are considering getting one in the future, PVSC provides a supportive community with educational and fun group activities.


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